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We are equality, diversity and inclusion experts

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Nothing else like sport has the power to bring people, societies and cultures together, and to help change lives for the better.


Everyone deserves to be a part of that.

Our mission is to create a fully inclusive experience for everyone in sport, with a principle focus on growing the diversity of people working and participating.

Although we specialise in the sport sector, we work with many corporate and private organisations too.

Come with us, and let's make a difference together!

Our expertise

Inclusive workplaces

An inclusive organisation culture that has EDI embedded into daily life, is the key to support all colleagues to truly be themselves at work.


Inclusive experiences

Inclusive, welcoming, accessible, environments and experiences are the keys to successful outreach and engagement.


Inclusive governance

Representation at the very top table, and diversity in decision making, are the keys to good governance and great leadership.

Inclusive workforce

An inclusive and diverse workforce, that truly represents the people and cultures you aim to engage, is the key to bringing EDI to life.

Our collaborations

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